Gerakan Lodges Police Report Against IMU Student For Degrading Chinese Men And Women

Screenshots of the student's comment showed him apparently insulting Chinese virility and shaming Chinese women.

Cover image via Harapan News/Twitter (edited)

Yesterday, 11 March, Gerakan Youth lodged a police report against the infamous IMU student for insulting Chinese men and women in another Facebook comment

Gerakan deputy youth chief Pang Whye Nam (centre).

Image via Harapan News

Malay Mail reported that Gerakan deputy youth chief Pang Whye Nam, who was accompanied by fellow party members, lodged the report at the Cheras district police headquarters yesterday afternoon.

The IMU student, who landed himself in hot water over the weekend for his sexist comment on Facebook, allegedly continued to make controversial remarks

The insulting Facebook comment.

Image via Harapan News

In a screenshot of the comment, the student added that he had plans to "push Chinese out of the country... Only the prostitute(s) remain here".

Pang stressed that the student's comment reeked of racism and sexism.

"It is such an inappropriate thing to say. I hope the authorities would investigate the matter and take stern action against those responsible," Pang was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

The Gerakan deputy youth chief also revealed more details about the student upon his "investigation"

Pang told Harapan News that the student, who has allegedly been enrolled in IMU for nine years, is known as a "problematic" person at the university. 

The student has also allegedly angered many of his peers with his actions. 

Nonetheless, Pang did not offer details about his source of information.

Here's a recap of the IMU student's case:

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