Girl To Hike Mount Kinabalu For The Shelter That Raised Her. You Can Lend Your Support Too

RM200,000 is targeted to be set aside for the education for the children at SHELTER.

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21-year-old, Jia Huai, used to grow up in an orphanage called SHELTER

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SHELTER is a welfare organisation with three separate homes. Since June 1981, they have been rescuing children who have been put at-risk, neglected, abandoned and/or abused.

SHELTER hosts children in three separate homes:
1. The first home (Home 1) is for girls and boys aged four to 12.
2. The second home (Home 2) is for teenage girls aged 13 to 18.
3. The third home (Home 3) is for teenage boys aged 13 to 18.

This July, Jia Huai will be hiking Mount Kinabalu with a group of climbers to raise funds for the education of 40 kids!

Jia Huai will be hiking to raise funds for the family she knows as SHELTER. Since the age of 8, Jia Huai was moved into one of three homes under SHELTER. Because of SHELTER, "I never had any fear of my future as I grew up in SHELTER because I see all my seniors being sent to colleges and getting work placements," said Jia Huai.

Today, Jia Huai is one of the 25 climbers, like the seniors before her who have sought to raise money through the Charity Climb. She's planning on reaching RM100,000 on her own for the 40 children in SHELTER who are in need of it for their education.

Annually, SHELTER Home for Children hosts a Charity Climb to ensure the children there receive the best quality of education

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From 28 July to 1 August this year, SHELTER Home for Children is organising their annual climb once again and this year, 25 climbers will be supporting the cause. SHELTER is hoping for a minimum of RM200,000 to be raised this year so the educational needs of the children under their care can be met.

Climbers who join the 5-day trip not only climb to achieve their personal goals but also commit to raising RM2,500 each

To become an eligible climber, you have to:
1. Raise at least RM2,500 in donations.
2. Cover your own hiking expenses of RM2,900.

Here's a look at the itinerary:

Image via SHELTER

"It was a very memorable and humbling experience for the six of us to be able to reach the summit. We conquered personal fear, physical and mental challenges to experience Mount Kinabalu's beauty. We encourage all to sign up for the experience of a lifetime!" claimed Shen, a previous participant.

First-timers, avid climbers, and anyone looking to help a charity could embark on this climb for a great cause!

The positive response from the climbers last year made SHELTER increase their homes from 20 to 25. This year's climbers have been maxed out, but you can definitely sign up for next year's trip!

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You can also lend your help to SHELTER in other ways.

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This may be what's awaiting you at the peak: