Girl Begged Her Mother To Let Her Wear Extra Underwear After She Was Molested By A Teacher

The teacher also allegedly molested 12 other students from the same school.

Cover image via Berita Harian

A teacher was arrested for molesting his eight-year-old student at a primary school in Batu Niah, Miri on 24 April

Bernama reported Sarawak CID chief Datuk Dev Kumar as saying that the suspect was detained at the compound of the Miri police station. 

According to him, the girl is believed to have been molested since she was in Year One.

Sarawak CID chief Datuk Dev Kumar

Image via Berita Harian

China Press reported that the incident was uncovered by the victim's mother when the girl insisted on wearing extra underwear before going to school

The report stated that the victim begged her mother to let her wear extra underwear before agreeing to go to school.

After being questioned by her mother, the victim admitted that a teacher at her school had been touching her privates in a classroom, and warned her not to tell anyone about the act

On 25 April, parents of 12 other students from the same school lodged reports against the teacher for molesting their children

Image via Berita Harian

"So far, 13 victims aged between eight to 11 from Year Two to Five of a primary school in Batu Niah have come forward," Dev was quoted as saying by Bernama. All incidents were claimed to have happened when the victims were in Year One to Two.

On top of that, the teacher allegedly recorded parts of victims' bodies using his mobile phone.

"The mobile phone of the suspect had been seized for forensic analysis," Dev added, before stating that the teacher is being detained for seven days until 1 May.

Last week, a 20-year-old pedophile was arrested for molesting schoolgirls:

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