Gordon Ramsay Spotted Visiting His Bar & Grill Restaurant In Sunway

The restaurant staff must be quaking right now.

Cover image via @foodie (TikTok)

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17 Michelin-starred chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay was recently spotted at his own restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill, located in Sunway Resort, Petaling Jaya

Capturing the moment was TikTok account @foodie, who were presumably dining there when the celebrity chef made his surprise appearance at the restaurant.

With an air of confidence, Ramsay strode into the place like he owned it (well, he technically does).

He was seen wearing a black shirt and dark gray pants, looking busy as usual, while being escorted by his entourage.

However, as busy as he seemed, that didn't stop the Hell's Kitchen star from greeting the individuals behind the camera

Walking past them, Ramsay said "good evening, hello" to the obviously star-struck diners.

The person behind the camera could only muster out a "hi" after their brief interaction with the British chef.

As awe-struck as they were, many netizens joked about the reason Ramsay popped over to the other side of the world to visit his restaurant in Malaysia

Some TikTok users joked that Ramsay was here to do some spot-checking and quality control.

Image via TikTok

Others jested that everyone would be pleased by the celebrity chef's visit, except his kitchen staff.

They better watch out unless they want a live broadcast of Kitchen Nightmares and potentially witness the wrath of the famously hot-headed chef.

Image via TikTok

You can watch the video below:


Gordon Ramsay spotted at his restaurant in KL

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The much anticipated Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill Restaurant opened its doors back in June:

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