Woman's Grab Driver Allegedly Whipped Out His Penis On The Way To Her Destination

Grab Malaysia has since removed the driver from its platform.

A female passenger alleged that a Grab driver exposed his private parts and sexually harassed her while she was on a ride to Sunway Pyramid over the weekend

In a series of tweets, the woman narrated the harrowing incident, which happened on Saturday, 5 November:

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"So I got in the car, and this guy is wearing a singlet and running shorts and I thought, 'Well, it's GrabHitch, maybe they're not professional'."

"He kept trying to talk to me, which I don't care but I was getting a really creepy vibe from him, but whatever lah I just humoured him."

To her horror, the driver whipped out his penis in the middle of the ride! As if that's not bad enough, he started whistling at her and asking her personal questions.

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"He kept whistling at me like catcall style and I was just on my phone pretending like I didn't hear him and like I didn't see that thing. He kept asking me personal s--- and at this point, I just shrugged and pretended like nothing was happening," she tweeted.

"Thank God I had my keys with me and I was holding them in my hands and I just ignored him. I wanted to get out of the car so badly, but we were on the highway and I was panicking."

She couldn't get out of the car fast enough. The moment she arrived at her destination, she called Grab hoping to figure out what to do about the ordeal with the driver.

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"The moment I got there I called Grab. The lady I spoke to was really nice but she didn't know what to do and she told me to e-mail them. I was frustrated, but she was really nice though so I emailed them and I'm thinking, 'WTF do I even do at this point?'," she tweeted.

"I feel like most people probably don't see it as a big deal, but I was on the verge of crying and if I made a police report, what were they even gonna do? They'd probably laugh at me. They probably won't do anything."

Grab advised her to lodge a police report, but she was reluctant to do so as she does not have any photographic proof. She was also worried that the driver could track her down based on the details he had access to.

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"I feel really helpless because there is nothing I can do without proof," she wrote.

"A legal advisor told me it was not worth the harm this person could inflict on me. I get that Grab can't exactly do anything to this guy unless I make a police report, but doing that could put me and my family in harm."

Grab, however, has proceeded to remove said driver from its platform after receiving word of the above incident

"The safety of all our passengers are of great importance to us and we do not take anything that can potentially jeopardise their safety and their ride experience lightly," Grab Malaysia Country Head Jaygan Fu said in a statement released today, 8 November.

In the future, GrabHitch passengers are also given the option to select a driver of the same gender if they wish to

“Specifically for GrabHitch passengers, they can also have the option of selecting same gender drivers,” Fu said.

"We would like to encourage our passengers to exercise their right to safe transport and reach out to us should they come across any situation so we can intervene and take the necessary action."

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