GrabFood Rider Whose Phone Was Stolen While On The Job Receives New Phone From The Public

Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Deputy Minister Mas Ermieyati Samsudin also donated an undisclosed amount of money to the selfless GrabFood rider.

Cover image via Heidy Imt (Facebook) & AdoboTech

Remember GrabFood rider Muhamad Hilmi Othman?

On Tuesday, 27 October, Hilmi received praise from Malaysians for putting his job first despite having his phone stolen in the middle of the delivery.

His story has gone viral on Facebook after being shared by netizen Heidy Imt and it received thousands of likes and shares from Malaysians who applauded his strong sense of duty.

In an update, Heidy said he had the opportunity to meet Hilmi and his wife to celebrate the rider's inspiring story.

Also at the gathering were Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) Deputy Minister Mas Ermieyati Samsudin and Amanda Choi — the customer who made the GrabFood order that led to Hilmi's phone getting stolen.

The group shared a meal together at Botanica+Co in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur today, 30 October.

When asked why did he choose to prioritise completing the delivery instead of making attempts to recover his phone, Hilmi said, "There is nothing more I could do at that moment, so I choose to finish my job and send the food no matter how hard it is."

According to Hilmi, he knocked on several doors before he could find the customer's house.

From left to right: Hilmi's wife Nora, MEDAC Deputy Minister Mas Ermieyati, Heidy, Choi, and Hilmi.

Image via Heidy Imt (Facebook)

Hilmi told Mas Ermieyati that he used to work in the tourism industry before losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The GrabFood rider said he learnt the importance of finishing a task while working in the tourism sector, adding that regardless of what difficulties arise, they must be overcome.

"Once, his wife was about to go into labour, but he couldn't be together with her because there were tasks at hand that needed to be completed," said the deputy minister in a Facebook post.

"Hilmi's story is among stories that personally inspire me and also others. There are thousands of negative stories out there every day, but there are also stories that are positive and refreshing to see."

It is learnt that Hilmi has been rewarded and compensated by several parties for his selfless act, one of it being a brand new phone

Heidy told SAYS that a member of the public who is not involved in the incident — named Gordon Yee — bought Hilmi a brand new Oppo F11.

The GrabFood rider also received an undisclosed amount of donation from Mas Ermieyati.

Dessert bar Sik Thong Ba — the restaurant Hilmi picked up food from before losing his phone — offered him free sets of meals.

Meanwhile, GrabFood will be giving Hilmi vouchers and possibly a new phone from a sponsor.

Hilmi receiving an Oppo F11 from a member of the public.

Image via Heidy Imt (Facebook)

Read Heidy's post here:

In the said incident, instead of calling the police first, Hilmi decided to call the Grab helpline to ask for Choi's address in order to complete the delivery:

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