Group Assaults A Man After He Tried To Break Up A Fight Over Parking Issue In Serendah

Police have so far arrested two men and are looking for four more suspects who were seen taking turns assaulting the victim.

Cover image via Screenshot/SAYS

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A Malaysian Indian was severely beaten by a group of angry people after he tried to break up a quarrel over a parking issue between his cousin and another man in Serendah on the day of Deepavali

The brutal assault, which left the victim bloodied and unconscious, was captured on several videos and later circulated on social media with 'Geng GST 08 Serendah Michael' superimposed on them.

In the videos, the bloodied victim, in camouflage-printed pants and a blue T-shirt, is seen on the ground while several men take turns assaulting him, with one of them holding what looks like a baton.

SAYS has seen the videos and is choosing to not link them here due to the brutality of the assault.

According to Hulu Selangor district police chief Supt Suffian Abdullah, the assault took place in Serendah at about 6pm on Monday, 24 October, after the victim's cousin had parked his car in front of a house.

"The house owner (one of the suspects) is said to have scolded the victim's cousin and it escalated into a quarrel," Suffian said in a statement yesterday, 25 October.

While the victim's cousin managed to escape, he was surrounded by the group, believed to be friends of the house owner, and beaten up

They also hit him with a blunt object, leaving him bloodied.

According to Suffian, the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Screenshot from the viral videos showing the group of men assaulting the victim, who lays motionless on the ground.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

Two of the suspects have since been arrested

The two men, both Malaysian Indians, were arrested around Serendah yesterday morning.

Both, aged 40 and 45, have been remanded for four days until Friday, 28 October, for investigation under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting," the statement quoted Suffian as saying.

"Police are still hunting for four more suspects believed to be involved in the fight," he added.

Meanwhile, Suffian urged anyone with information to contact the nearest police station.

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