Group Of Children In Vietnam Go Viral For Skipping Rope... But It Isn't Rope

"This is some gangster sh*t right here."

Cover image via Crafoo TV & YouTube

A video recently went viral showing a couple of children in Vietnam casually jumping "rope"... but it wasn't rope

Upon closer inspection, the group was seen playing and giggling while skipping over a large dead snake.

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

The video was viewed over 80,000 times since it went online on 13 November, according to Daily Mail

Vietnam Heritage revealed that the country is home to 206 snake species, including at least 30 venomous terrestrial snakes. It is unclear whether this particular snake was venomous or not.

Without a doubt, the video left the Internet hissing while some poked fun at the incident

Watch the full video below:

I mean, I'm all for reusing and recycling toys. But I'm quite sure this is not what it means.

Image via GIPHY

Meanwhile, this cat tried to ask its owner for forgiveness with a dead snake:

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