It's Official! No More Science Or Art Streams For Form 4 Students Beginning 2020

Previously, Dr Maszlee Malik said the Ministry of Education was not rushing to abolish the Science and Art streams.

Cover image via Bernama via New Straits Times & Faiz Anuar/Harian Metro

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching has announced that Form Four students will no longer need to choose between Science and Art streams next year

Teo made the announcement yesterday while speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday, 18 November, reported New Straits Times.

She said a letter about the changes has already been sent to secondary schools nationwide.

"The letter/circular contains advice to schools across the country on how to encourage, evaluate, and explain about the new subjects available from next year," said Teo.

The current Science and Art streams will be replaced with STREAM education

According to Teo, STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Art, and Music.

The new system will give students the freedom to choose whatever subjects and electives they like.

Teo said Form Four students can select up to five electives along with other subjects, such as engineering, science, maths, living skills, technical studies, and a few other options which are still in the development stage.

"We want schools to encourage students to choose a path or stream which they are keen on, so that they will excel in that subject," Teo continued.

She added that the new system will be implemented based on the capabilities, availability, and suitability of facilities and infrastructure of each school.

Previously, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik explained that the abolition of the streaming system is to ensure no talents will go to waste

The current system segregates students based on their Form Three Assessment (PT3) results, reported New Straits Times.

He said on 14 October that such a system has produced a "mismatch", preventing students from excelling in subjects they love.

However, he clarified later on that the Ministry of Education was not in a hurry to materialise the implementation before consulting with stakeholders and conducting proper studies on it, reported The Star.

Last month, Dr Maszlee said artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be used to help students decide what subjects to take:

Here are other changes the Ministry of Education has introduced in recent months:

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