"The Process Was Seamless" – Guy's Experience Of Getting The AstraZeneca Vaccine At UM

"Your waiting time during observation is self-managed."

Cover image via @jasonweecw (Twitter)

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AstraZeneca vaccinations have begun to take place in KL and Selangor today, 5 May, and people have been sharing their experiences so far

Co-founder of Architects of Diversity Jason Wee took to Twitter to describe how his vaccination went today at Universiti Malaya (UM). 

He explained that he arrived early in the morning for his 9am appointment and there were already quite a few people in line. 

Wee shared with SAYS that the entire process took an hour, from the time he entered to the time he left the vaccination centre

After getting his temperature scanned, Wee was offered a number and a seat in an air-conditioned waiting room.

"UM had a huge waiting area, so it could allow people to enter as they came in. From my observation, you did not have to queue long until you were seated," he told SAYS.

The UM PPV is sectioned into four waiting areas

According to Wee, the first section is to confirm your appointment while the second section is to receive medical information.

The third section is to wait for the actual vaccination and the observation area is for post-vaccination.

After you have been jabbed, you'll be required to wait in the observation area and will need to keep track of your own timing

Wee revealed that if you are under the low-risk category, you'll need to stay at the observation area for 15 minutes as opposed to the usual 30-minute requirement.

"Your waiting time during observation is self-managed, so it's important to keep track of the time since you've been vaccinated."

Wee noted that the medical staff were very helpful and the entire process was seamless, adding that he has not felt any side effects since

Now it is just time for him to wait for the second dose, which will take place within the next 12 weeks. 

Meanwhile, another Malaysian explained how his vaccination process was like at WTCKL today, 5 May:

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