Guy Who Throws Rubbish Outside Car Window In PJ Instantly Gets Taste Of Own Medicine

Shame shame.

Cover image via Damansara Perdana Community (Facebook)

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It's 2023 and there are still people like this man

The man dressed in office attire was recently caught on camera throwing rubbish outside of his car window. 

In a video posted by someone in Damansara Perdana Community Facebook group, the man is seen tossing out pieces of trash onto the street from inside a black car.

However, not long after, another man is seen walking towards his car, picking up the trash, and carefully placing them onto his windscreen — with no hesitation

He then casually walks back to where he was, while the guy who threw the trash steps out of the car, takes the rubbish that was placed on his windscreen, and angrily flings it back onto the street.

He then gets back into his car after yelling something towards the other guy, which can't be heard in the video.

Appalled by the man's behaviour, Malaysians were quick to comment

A couple of people pointed out how the man had the nerve to just dump the trash back out again.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Another tried to inject some humour by saying that perhaps the man doesn't own a rubbish bin at home.

Image via Facebook

But one person perfectly summarised the question on everyone's minds:

Image via Facebook

Don't be uncivilised and litter. We can do better, Malaysians.

These other people who also littered got handed the 'UNO reverse card':

We could learn a thing or two from the Japanese:

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