Man Returns Trash To Myvi Driver Who Littered The Road In The Middle Of A Traffic Jam

He picked up a cigarette box off the ground, waited a few moments, and threw it into the driver's car window.

Cover image via Wan Johan Ariff (Facebook)

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A man recently went viral for uploading a video of himself returning trash to a driver who littered on the road

On 30 September, Facebook user Wan Johan Ariff uploaded a 21-second clip along with a caption that read, "I haven't had lunch, it was already 6pm. Was about to enter town from a rural area. It was jammed, why did you throw away a cigarette box on the road? Done doing good for awareness."

His post garnered over 297,000 views and 6,800 likes.

In the video, Wan Johan Ariff can be heard getting out of his car and then walking towards an orange Perodua Myvi in front of him

At the time, the traffic was at a standstill.

He picked up a cigarette box off the ground, waited a few moments, then threw it into the driver's car window.

After that, he got back into his vehicle and slammed his door shut.

Netizens applauded him for taking action and confronting the Myvi driver

"Were you the one who threw the trash back into the Myvi? Respect, brother. When I see you, I will salute you. I've felt like doing this before but I'm not brave enough," one person commented.

Image via Facebook

"Don't mess around with someone hungry. Whatever it is, congratulations because you were brave enough to give the person awareness," another netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

One user noted, "I respect you, sir. Hope more Malaysians are like you."

Image via Facebook

Watch the full video here:

Do not litter. Or else you might have to deal with the consequences:

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