He Dumped A Refrigerator Off A Cliff. Then Cops Forced Him To Drag It All The Way Back Up

The man sarcastically said "Recycling" as he threw the fridge off the cliff.

Cover image via AUGC_Comunica/Twitter

For whatever reason, the people who do stupid sh#t usually like to film themselves doing it. Take, for example, this particular Spanish man who had his friend film him as he threw a used refrigerator off a cliff in southern Spain while mocking recycling.

In the video, the man and the person recording him, are heard saying "Let's go recycle it" and "Let's see how many flips it can do" as he dumps the refrigerator down the cliff.

He thought it was a cool way to get rid of his used refrigerator.

The man was soon identified by Seprona, the environmental crime unit of the Civil Guard, thanks to the video that he posted on social media showing not just his face but also his van's license plate

According to local media, Seprona officials tracked him down by tracing the license plate number registered to a domestic appliance distribution firm in Almeria.

After he was caught, the local police AUGC Guardia Civil then ordered him to drag the refrigerator back up the hillside again by hand for proper disposal.

In a tweet posted by AUGC Guardia Civil, the man along with his friend is seen struggling to drag the refrigerator back up the steep slope to the roadside.

The Spanish authorities, however, didn't stop at making him pick up his garbage, they even imposed a steep monetary punishment

He was ordered to pay a fine of USD50,000 (approx. RM210,000) and was sacked from his job at the electronic equipment company which also faces possible sanctions of up to USD336,000 (approx. RM1,408,000), according to a report in UK's The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, ABC News reported a spokesperson for the Civil Guard saying that the man could also face further fines for "environmental crime" after the same man was also filmed throwing a washing machine down a hillside in the southeast Spain city.

The man now claims he is "very regretful"

According to the New York Post, the man while speaking to local outlet Diario de Almería described his punishment as "worse than murderers, politicians and thieves."

He said that being fired from his job has exacerbated his anxiety.

"I really regret what I've done because it's meant I've lost my job and has aggravated the problems I have with anxiety," he was quoted saying.

All I want now is for this to go away and the effect it's having on my family, my girlfriend and me. I don't want people to have this image of me, as though I were a murderer.

Maybe the man could learn a thing or two about recycling from Japan, which recently revealed medals made of recycled metals:

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