It's 2019, Please Stop Being Such Little Sh*ts

It's the new year, be a better you.

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2018 was a year filled with people acting all sorts of weird

While what some of us did the last year was funny at times, more often than not we were either just rude, obnoxious or plain stupid.

So we thought we would highlight a few of the things some of us did in 2018 that we should not repeat in 2019.

1. Stop throwing things from your upper floor balconies and windows. This sh*t is killing people, literally.

At the start of 2018, a 15-year-old boy was killed on the spot after someone threw a chair from the upper floors of a low-cost apartment in Pantai Dalam and it directly struck him. The chair also hit the boy's mother, but she survived.

And in November, a 19-year-old received 15 stitches to his scalp after being struck by a bicycle's part that someone threw from an upper floor of a PPR Flat in Gombak Setia.

Mind what you throw down the floor, guys!

Your mindless act of discarding something you don't need can result in a senseless loss of life for someone else. Don't do it. No matter how much the lure, no matter how lazy you feel, no matter how harmless it looks, just don't do it.

2. Stop blocking parking spots by standing over them. That sh*t is not only annoying, it's also a jailable offence!

Whether it's at 1 Utama, Mid Valley or in PJ, 2018 was officially the year when Malaysians used their bodies to "book" or block a parking space for their car.

It was an act that while landed them in trouble on social media - with people calling them out for their stupidity - it somehow didn't stop others from repeating it.

You're not a car. You're a person. Use your brain and stop acting like a tool.

No matter how rushed you feel, no matter how many circles you may need to take to find a parking spot, no matter how insignificant the act may seem to you, don't do it.

3. Stop telling women what to wear or how they are "supposed" to look. It's 2019, leave your sexism behind.

Last month, some guy on Facebook thought it was a good idea to tell MP Hannah Yeoh to "look the part" of a deputy minister by putting on lipstick.

Prior to that, on a live talk show, a caller decided to out his perversion by telling the show's guest Nurul Izzah that he can "see your underwear, we can see your breasts".

Ugh! What is it with us men telling women how to dress?

Guys, it's not "cute" as it's being portrayed in books and cinemas to tell a woman - any women - to carry herself how a man may want to see her. It's not. If anything, it's plain sexist and shows how much we as men do not respect a woman's choice.

4. Stop putting things - that are not clothes - in dryers. Your idea of "fun" is not funny to those getting hurt.

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Back in September, two men were seen picking up a cat at a self-serve laundromat in Taman Gombak Ria and placing the poor thing into a coin-operated clothes dryer. They then turn on the machine and crack up at what they think is funny.

Later in Rawang, a three-year-old boy was allegedly left inside a washing machine by his uncle as a joke. It took several men to rescue the boy.

What sort of 'fun" is this, where you torture others for your joy? And why?

5. Stop abusing dogs - pet or otherwise. They are beings, not your playthings. The least you can do is let them be.

From people poisoning stray dogs in Shah Alam, cooking their meat to eat, to someone gunning down a dog in a residential area in Johor, 2018 was a year during which we witnessed several cases of abuse against dogs in the country.

Then there was this 22-year-old Insta dude who used a broomstick to poke a dog live on Instagram while laughing along with his friend who witnessed the incident. He claimed that his motive behind what he did to that dog was to "entertain" his friends.

Let the dogs be, guys!

You don't have to like them or adopt them, you don't have to treat them in any special way, all you need to do in 2019 is to let go of your abusive mentality.

6. Stop poking your nose where it clearly doesn't belong. Your morality doesn't give you the right to harass others.

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Recently, a man uploaded a video recording of himself harassing a female beer promoter for handing out Carlsberg beer bottle samples at a hypermarket in Ampang.

Then a month later, another man uploaded a video recording of a couple being cosy with each other and showing public display of affection.

In both instances, the men uploaded those videos of themselves harassing others and invading their privacy because they were acting as the keepers of society's fragile morality and their actions will somehow uplift their image in general public's eye.

Instead, while one was shamed by people to go into hiding, the other got arrested.

It's a new year, guys. Let's not carry a behaviour into this year that's clearly outdated, offensive and stupid!

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