Man Who Recorded A Couple's PDA To "Educate The Public" Gets Arrested Instead

He uploaded three 30-second videos of the couple without their knowledge.

Cover image via Detik News

A 20-year-old man was arrested for posting a video of a couple showing public display of affection (PDA) online

Image via Detik News

In three 30-second videos posted by Fuad Nur on 17 December, a woman and a man can be seen cuddling and kissing each other in a cafe in Desc Sukosari, Indonesia, Detik News reported.

Without their knowledge, Fuad recorded the couple with the intention of circulating the videos online to "teach them a lesson"

He did so through a hole in his table's table cloth to avoid being seen.

"I recorded it with the intention of educating the public. I was disappointed that a public place like that was being used for inappropriate acts," he told a local reporter.

In a turn of events, Fuad was arrested in his home on 18 December for violating Indonesia's anti-pornography law and the Information and Electronic Transaction Act

Image via Detik News

While videos of a couple kissing may not be considered "pornography," the law banning it was ambiguous and allowed room for interpretation.

Fuad faces a maximum five-year sentence for spreading immoral video content on the Internet, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

"I did not understand the consequences of my actions," he told the police.

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