Hannah Yeoh Had The Perfect Response To A "Sexist" Commenter Telling Her To Wear Lipstick

You tell 'em, gurl!

Cover image via Hannah Yeoh Facebook / YMI

We all know Hannah Yeoh - currently serving as MP of Segambut and Deputy Minister of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, she has also achieved some pretty impressive milestones in her decade-long political career

Elected to the Subang Jaya seat in 2008, where she served as assemblyperson for two terms, the former lawyer also made history in 2013 when she was sworn in as Malaysia's first female speaker for the Selangor state assembly.

At the time of her appointment, she was also the youngest speaker of any legislative assembly in Malaysia at the age of 34.

In spite of her professional accomplishments, the deputy minister found herself having to deal with a netizen who told her to "look the part" of a minister by putting on lipstick

The comment was posted on Yeoh's new Facebook profile picture yesterday, 13 December. 

In response to his "suggestion", Yeoh replied:

Yeoh highlighted that make up does not "affect the quality" of her work nor of any woman in their workplace, pointing out that "no male politician" would be subject to such scrutiny in terms of their physical appearance

At the time of writing, the comment - along with the replies - have been deleted. But what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet, as screenshots of the exchange have gone viral on Twitter.

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Yeoh's subtle burn has also received much praise and support from Malaysians, with some thanking her for putting "sexist" commenters in their place

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

You tell 'em, Hannah!

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Earlier this year, Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah was stunned into silence after a caller remarked on her underwear during a live radio show:

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