Man Who Was Caught Stealing On A MAS Flight Wasn't Arrested Because There's No Evidence

The money was gone.

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A woman recently detailed her experience on a Malaysian Airlines flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, where she witnessed a man from China stealing from a fellow passenger's bag

"I saw a Chinese man get up from his seat and walked towards an overhead bin few seats away from where he was, then he grabbed a bag," the woman wrote in a Facebook post dated 12 December. 

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She added that the man brought the bag back to his seat, and started going through it

The man was seen unzipping a wallet, before taking it to the toilet.

"There was a lot of cash in that wallet... After he came back from the toilet, he put the wallet back in the bag," the woman wrote.

The man then continued to go through the bag, and eventually put it back in the overhead bin.

Suspicious of his actions, the woman decided to notify the cabin crew about what she witnessed

China Press reported that upon investigation, SGD500 (approximately RM1,500) and a credit card were missing from the bag, which belonged to a Singaporean man.

The man was searched upon arrival at the airport, but no cash was found on him

Meanwhile, the Singaporean man decided to not press charges as he was in a rush to catch a connecting flight. 

While the man eventually escaped prosecution, the woman said she was told that incidents like this are not new on flights

"Officials at the airport told me that they (thieves) have many accomplices," the woman wrote in her post.

"Apparently, a 10-men group of thieves on a flight was caught a few days ago," she added.

Although the man got away, check out how a MAS business class passenger caught a thief red-handed in August:

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