How Fattening Is Nasi Lemak And Other Local Food Compared To A 6-Inch Sandwich?

We love our food. But as yummy as they may be, we all know Malaysian food isn't always the healthiest choice. Exactly how much of fat is hidden in glistening plates of glorious food?

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A plate of Indian rojak: 51.2 grams of fat

Indian rojak 51.2 grams of fat

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Ketupat to go with your satay: 28.4 grams of fat

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A plate of nasi goreng from your local mamak: 25.1 grams of fat

A plate of nasi lemak: 13 grams of fat

Nasi lemak

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One slice of roti telur: 9 grams of fat

Roti Telur

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A pair of soft boiled eggs to go with your roti bakar: 9.3 grams

Soft boiled eggs

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A cup of instant noodles: 13.6 grams of fat

Instant noodles

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A regular single-patty hamburger: 86 grams of fat

A single-patty hamburger

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One crunchy drumstick: 7 grams of fat

One 6-inch SUBWAY® Club sandwich: 3 grams of fat

6-inch turkey breast and chicken slice Subway sandwich

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For a balanced diet, try one of eight SUBWAY® sandwiches that have 6 grams of fat or less

These 8 Subway sandwiches have 6 grams of fat or less

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