BN Says If You're Grateful For The Govt's RM27 Mil Help, Mark 'X' Beside The Dacing Symbol

"Don't think too much."

Cover image via Lim Huey Teng via Malaysiakini

Selangor BN chairperson Noh Omar told voters in Taman Medan to give their backing to the ruling party as a form of gratitude towards the government in the upcoming 14th General Election

Image via Kosmo

According to Malaysiakini, he was speaking to 300 residents of the Petaling Utama flat at the launch of Program Rakyat Sejahtera yesterday, 26 April.

Also present at the talk was BN's Taman Medah candidate Abdul Mutalif Abdul Rahim.

He told the residents to vote for Barisan Nasional if they are grateful for the RM27 million spent by the government for restoration works at the residential flats

Image via Melaka Insider

"If you are grateful to the government for approving the RM27 million, go into the polling station on 9 May, and you will see three symbols on the ballot.

"Don't think too much. Just put a cross next to the dacing symbol. That is the way to show that you all are thankful to the BN government, which has helped the people massively," he was quoted saying by Malaysiakini.

Even though Barisan Nasional has been the opposition party in Selangor since 2008, Noh Omar reminded the people that they have always looked after the rakyat's welfare

"You have been cheated twice and that is enough. Twice you voted for the opposition, what did you get?

"Nothing. That's why BN is better. Although we lost, we never stopped working for the people and always looked after your welfare," Omar said.

"The state government failed to handle the water crisis, stadium, waste management, and hotels. They can't even manage the water bills properly. Some residents faced water cuts because they did not receive their bills due to the state government's poor system," he said in his speech.

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