Man & His Pet Dog On Road Trip Across US Die In Accident Before Their Final Destination

The two were travelling from Brazil to Alaska and were close to their final destination before the unfortunate accident.

Cover image via Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia - Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook) & @jessekoz (Instagram)

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On 23 May at around 10.30am, 29-year-old Brazilian influencer Jesse Kozechen and his Golden Retriever Shurastey died in a car crash

The two were travelling from Brazil to Alaska and were two days away from reaching their final destination in his 1978 Volkswagen, before the unfortunate accident.

In a release that was shared with PEOPLE, the Oregon state police said that Kozechen tried to pass the line of cars that had slowed down for a turning car ahead. However, his car swerved into the oncoming traffic where he collided with another car.

He was declared dead at the scene along with his golden boy.

The other driver, 62-year-old Eileen Huss, suffered injuries and was brought to the hospital by an ambulance

Alongside Eileen, there was a two-year-old in the car — a Ford Escape — with her.

Fortunately, the toddler was not harmed and did not suffer any injuries.

The road was closed for more than two hours after the accident occurred.

The two began their journey in 2017, having travelled across 17 countries in his car, which was set to end in Alaska

It was Kozechen's lifelong dream to make the drive from Brazil all the way to Alaska.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, Kozechen's plans were delayed as he was not allowed to cross the Mexican border into the US and had to turn back home to Brazil.

According to NDTV, he resumed his journey in January 2022, and crossed the US in February with his dog.

He named the trip "Shurastey or Shuaigow" which was a play on "Should I stay or should I go?", reported Mirror.

His whole journey with his dog and Volkswagen was documented on his social media.

There were many posts on his Instagram of him and his loyal friend, expressing his love and gratitude towards the dog for being a faithful companion

One of the captions read, "Between having a thousand friends or a dog.. I would stay with you!"

In his last Instagram post, Kozechen informed that they were at the final campsite before entering Canada to head to Alaska.

The caption read, "One of the last @bluecamping camps in the US. Hey my friends, it's time to enter Canada and finally head to Alaska."

"We are camping in the state of Oregon in the middle of nowhere and from here we continue our journey towards the border of Canada. But first, let's visit some guys that I'm a fan of."

He ended the caption with, "Now let me prepare my breakfast, dismantle the tent so we can continue our journey."

May they rest in peace and still be together in the afterlife

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