2-Year-Old Girl Dies After Falling Onto A Kitchen Knife While Looking For Milk

The toddler fell on a plate and a knife pierced her abdomen.

Cover image via Bernama/Malay Mail (Edited by SAYS)

A freak accident on Sunday, 17 February resulted in the death of a two-year-old girl in Ipoh, Perak

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Nur Qhaisara Medina Supian was in the kitchen with her mother, four-month-old sibling, and grandmother when the incident occurred at 9.30am.

Her mother, 27-year-old Hana Mazlan, was putting her four-month-old baby to sleep in the kitchen when Nur Qhaisara came to her for milk, reported Bernama.

Nur Qhaisara then went to her grandmother when she stepped on a plate that had been left on the floor

"She suddenly fell and the knife, which was placed on the plate, pierced her left abdomen. The knife was used by her brother to peel mangoes. I didn't notice that it was there," Hana explained.

Hana's mother-in-law then pulled the 15cm knife out and Nur Qhaisara fell unconscious.

The toddler was rushed to a clinic before being referred to Parit Buntar Hospital, where she was pronounced dead

Supian Samsuri cradles the body of his daughter Nur Qhaisara Medina as he leaves the Forensic Unit of Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh on February 17, 2019.

Image via Bernama/Malay Mail

The victim's father, Supian Samsuri, said his fourth child will be buried today, 18 February, at the Kampung Teluk Pial Baroh Muslim cemetery.

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