An Ipoh Woman Gave Away RM855,000 After Falling For A 'Cure-All Herbal Tree'

She was told the herbal tree could cure all diseases.

  • A 65-year-old housewife in Ipoh lost about RM855,000 in money and valuables after falling victim to a couple of Chinese nationals who convinced her that they had miraculous "cure-all herbal tree"

    • According to a report in NST Online, 6 December, the incident occurred on 28 November, when the woman, who was at the Menglembu market around 10am, overheard two women talking about "a herbal tree that could cure all diseases."

      The housewife's curiosity got the better of her and she ended up approaching the two women to ask them if she could see the miraculous tree.

      The two women and two of their friends then brought the 65-year-old housewife to a silver-coloured car. They told her that she had a chronic disease and should be treated immediately before it spread to her family members.

      However, she was told that as a condition to treat her "chronic disease", she must surrender her valuables to the women, reported NST Online.

  • Of the RM855,000 the woman gave to them, there was cash and foreign currencies amounting to RM195k, two Rolex watches worth about RM60k, a ring and a gold necklace worth about RM600,000

    • She was sent home to gather all her valuables. Following which, the housewife handed the money and valuables to them in front of SJKC Wan Hwa 2, Menglembu.

      In return, she was given a black plastic bag and was told to only open it after a month.

      However, suspecting something was wrong, she decided to open the black plastic bag on Tuesday, 5 December, only to find that she had been cheated.

      The bag only contained fruits and fruit juice.

  • The 65-year-old has now lodged a police report at the Menglembu police station, claiming she was hypnotised by shamans

      • 35e6 Image via Foursquare
        A file photo of the police station.
    • Ipoh District Police chief ACP Mohd Ali Tamby, who confirmed the case, said were no witnesses as such no one saw the handover.

      On the other hand, the woman couldn't remember what type of the car it was nor she could recall the number plate used by the suspects.

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