500 Critical Patients From Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital Forcibly Removed By The Israeli Army

Israel alleges that the hospital is used by Hamas for military purposes.

Cover image via AFP Pic Via the New Straits Times & Reuters Via the New Straits Times

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500 patients from Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital were forcibly removed to the streets by the Israeli army

The New Straits Times, citing Turkish media agency Anadolu Agency, reported that the patients included premature babies, alongside those severely injured and in critical condition.

The patients and medical staff were given a one-hour evacuation deadline.

Israel claims that the Al-Shifa Hospital is being used by Hamas for military purposes

Located in Gaza City, the hospital has now become a centre point of the Israel-Gaza war.

The Israeli army has raided the hospital to look for kidnapped victims and the Hamas armed group.

So far, it has been unsuccessful in its rescue efforts. The army is yet to reveal any evidence of its claims too.

The Gaza Strip's government media office is holding Israel responsible for the patients' lives

"International institutions and organisations also bear responsibility for negligence, and weak follow-up and coordination, within the framework of protecting hospitals and health centres, which are supposed to have international and legal immunity," a statement from the media office read.

To make matters worse, hospitals in Gaza are running short on fuel, water, and medicine to treat patients.

13,000 Palestinians have died and 29,800 have been injured since the war broke out on 7 October

5,600 children are reportedly dead, according to NDTV, citing the Hamas government. 

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