Japan Warns Its Citizens In Malaysia To Avoid Crowded Places Over Terror Attack Fears

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reportedly issued the same warning to its citizens in other Southeast Asian countries as well.

Cover image via Google Maps & Shannon Teoh/Straits Times via AsiaOne

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The Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has confirmed that its citizens in Malaysia have been warned about the possibility of terror attacks

A spokesperson from the embassy confirmed with The Vibes that they received an email regarding the warning by its Foreign Ministry over the weekend, while an official told Bernama that the warning was issued this morning, 13 September.

"There is information that there is an increasing possibility that suicide bomb attacks will occur in places where many people gather, such as places of worship," read the translation of the notice dated today.

"We ask all Japanese residents to remain vigilant against terrorist attacks."

The official told Bernama that there are about 31,000 Japanese nationals residing in Malaysia.

Other than places of worship, Japanese citizens in Malaysia are also advised to avoid "Western-owned" facilities

Japanese citizens were told that it is best to avoid hotels, public transport, markets, and tourist spots.

Locations — such as military, police, government, and security-related facilities — should be avoided as well.

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It is learnt that a similar warning has also been issued to other Japanese embassies in the region

Japanese citizens in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar were also warned against visiting crowded areas.

The warning was made in response to intelligence reports, but no further details were provided.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Image via Go Tokyo

Bernama reported that the official it spoke to did not elaborate on the matter other than saying the directive came from Tokyo.

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