19-Year-Old 'Influencer' Accused Of Raping & Harassing Several Women & Minors

The man is said to have harassed "more than 100 victims", some of whom were molested and raped.

Cover image via Yuan Wong (Facebook)

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Editor's note: This story contains details of sexual assault that may be distressing to some readers.

A netizen has dedicated a Facebook account to exposing a 19-year-old man who is said to have coaxed young women into meeting him before sexually assaulting them

On 8 September, Facebook user Yuan Wong — not their real name — published eight screenshots alleging that the man frequently harassed and sexually assaulted young women.

He is also accused of asking victims to send him nudes.

According to Wong, the man used a simple modus operandi to lure women out. He messaged victims, spoke "shamelessly" to the victims in order to persuade them into meeting him, before driving to their houses to pick them up.

It is alleged that he often sexually assaulted the victims in his car. As the man is tall and is said to work out, Wong said most victims did not have the strength to fight back.

Since Wong's first post, more and more victims have come forward to share their experiences.

Speaking to SAYS, they said that some of the victims were below the age of 18.

"[In] 2019 and 2020, some of the victims [were] still below 18 years old," Wong told this SAYS writer.

When asked to confirm media reports that there are "more than 100 victims", they said it is true.

"Some are rape victims, some are message harassment (victims)," Wong said, explaining that the man would harass victims through messages so that they would go out with him.

The man is believed to have two Instagram accounts with 1,600 and 1,400 followers. A victim said due to his "popularity", she was afraid to expose him.

China Press reported that the man was very active on social media and often flaunted his wealth. He is believed to be engaged in foreign exchange (forex) investments.

He also posted many videos of himself singing while playing guitar. After Wong's exposé, his Instagram accounts became private. The man did not pick up his phone when China Press reached out to him.

Wong said the motivation behind exposing the man is to prevent their friends from becoming his next victim and to force him to face the consequences of his alleged crimes.

One victim shared with China Press how she was raped by the man when he visited her during the pandemic

The woman said she had been chatting with the 19-year-old for about a week before the man asked her whether they could meet.

She refused to meet on the grounds that the COVID-19 situation was very serious and that her mother did not allow her to go out, reported China Press.

However, the man pretended to be pitiful, saying he had applied for leave for the day to meet her. He then changed his mind and told her that they would only meet below her apartment to talk.

"On a certain day last November, at about 5pm, after he arrived at my apartment, I told my family that a friend was looking for me and went downstairs. Because his car blocked the traffic behind him, he told me to get in the car first," she said.

The victim said after she was tricked into getting into his car, he lied that he urgently needed to use the toilet. She said he didn't listen to her directions and deliberately took a detour on the pretext that he wanted to take her home.

They finally arrived at a remote location where she was raped.

During the sexual assault, she said she resisted and begged him to stop several times. She was unable to fight him off because of his strength.

"After the assault, he kept comforting me and said that he would be responsible for (what he did to) me. At that time, I was so scared that I was in a state of shock. I also forgot how he sent me home. I only knew that it was dark when I got home."

Following that, she messaged him to ask him some questions. He allegedly blocked her immediately after responding with a few unsubstantial messages. He also deleted the chat history between the both of them.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Image via Florin Roebig

Another victim said the man had forgotten that he had raped her in the past when he matched with her again on an online dating platform last month

"When he came to me for the second time, I tried to talk to him, asking him to admit that he had raped me," said the victim.

"At that time, he acquiesced (that he had raped me) in the chatroom and said that he would be responsible for (what he did to) me, and then he blocked me again."

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Image via Mic

On Facebook, Wong shared another case where a victim was molested in his car.

"He suddenly stopped in the alley and touched me. I resisted, (but) he was using a lot of force. I opened the door and called (for help), and someone who saw told me to get out of the car," she shared.

The victim added that after the incident, the man messaged her on WeChat and demanded that she give him some money for petrol as he had travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Klang to meet her.

"He said he didn't get to (do anything) with her, so he wanted money for petrol. He was famous on the Internet, so I didn't dare to expose him. After the incident, I didn't dare to meet anyone from the Internet anymore as it was a traumatic experience for me," she said.

Separately, Wong also shared four screenshots showing a victim recounting her experience. At the time, the victim said she was a minor.

The victim said she met the man in a shopping mall when her family was not with her. He approached her to add her on WeChat.

As they began chatting, she learnt that he had been cheated on and tried to portray himself as "very pitiful". He then told her that he wanted to go to a shopping mall with her to do things that couples normally do.

"But I knew he wanted to have sex so I emphasised that I was menstruating. I was very stupid. I took KTM to meet him," she said.

"Because he was the one who booked the Grab ride for me, so the location was fixed by him. I was confused when I arrived at a hotel."

"In the end, he pulled me into the hotel. Even though I felt something was amiss, I still stupidly followed him."

In the room, she said he tried to kiss her and learnt that she had lied about her menstruation. She kept pushing him away before he eventually stopped because he had lost the "mood".

In retrospect, she said she regretted meeting him even though she was not raped, before adding that she could not imagine the psychological trauma other victims who were raped had to go through.

Wong also shared a bizarre account where the man is said to have visited a woman who was hospitalised for acute gastroenteritis.

The woman only chatted with him online and never met him, but she said he had the audacity to visit her in the hospital, causing her distress.

In an update on Saturday, 11 September, Wong posted a photo and urged victims to lodge police reports against the man

Wong told SAYS that the photo was posted by an alleged victim. It is learnt that the police are aware of the case.

According to the photo, the person urged victims to reach out to them so that they could band together and file police reports against the 19-year-old.

"If you don't report, you have to watch the b*tch get away with it. She (a female officer) said that wherever (the incident) happened, go to the police station there and report it," the caption read.

Wong, in other posts, said they want the man to be punished.

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