JB Man Proposes To His Girlfriend With Brand New Porsche After Being Together For 7 Years

Zhang met his fiancée while they were studying in the same university. They are now real estate agents.

Cover image via KL娱乐站 (Facebook)

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A man from Johor Bahru recently proposed to his girlfriend by buying her a brand new Porsche

His proposal piqued the interest of netizens when a Facebook user shared videos and photos of the scene in a KL Facebook community group.

In the 39-second clip shared by the user, the man, Zhang (transliteration), can be seen kneeling in front of his girlfriend while surrounded by 50 of his friends and family.

A lorry with a transparent container is also parked near the couple, carrying a Porsche that Zhang had bought for his girlfriend.

In addition to the sports car, the lorry is fully decorated with 100 black and red balloons, bringing out a romantic atmosphere.

The couple has been together for 7 years

According to Sin Chew Daily, Zhang met his fiancée while they were studying in the same university. They are now real estate agents.

Zhang also mentioned that prior to the proposal, his fiancée was aware that the car's "pick-up ceremony" would be held on Valentine's day, and he told her that some of their friends and family would attend the ceremony.

However, the woman had no idea that Zhang would also propose to her during the ceremony.

He went on to say that his fiancée recently received a RM20,000 bonus from her company to buy a vehicle for hitting her sales target, and that she intended to use the money to buy herself a car.

She initially wanted a Mercedes, but Zhang added his own money and paid a RM120,000 down payment to get his fiancée the Porsche.

Zhang's proposal received mixed reactions and many netizens left their thoughts in the comment section

One user asked in jest whether the woman married the man or the sports car.

Image via Facebook

A pessimistic netizen commented that even if couples spend millions on their wedding, they might still divorce.

Image via Facebook

"We should congratulate them for their successful proposal, why make fun on them? Some people like to be high-profile, some people like to be low-profile, everyone is different," another user wrote.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, Instagram influencer, Jun Jun, recently received a bejewelled pink Porsche 718 Spyder from her boyfriend:

In November last year, a 21-year-old woman from Johor Bahru became the talk of the town when she received a bright yellow Porsche 718 Cayman as a birthday present:

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