A Jealous Rage Drove This Husband To Do The Worst

Struck by a moment of jealous and rage, this man committed a crime so bad he had to go into hiding.

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WARNING: Images may contain graphic content

WARNING: Images may contain graphic content

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It happened at a house in Bera, Pahang on 14 October 2013

It happened at a household in Bera, Pahang

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Out of jealousy, a husband killed a Chinese man who spent the night with his wife at his house

Passers-by gathering outside the scene of crime in Triang where a man was killed and a woman injured.

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BERA: A Chinese national was slashed to death by a jealous husband for allegedly spending the night with his wife at his house in Triang near here.

That was not all, he proceeded to attack his wife and ran away

The woman being wheeled out onto an ambulance after the attack in Triang.

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Shortly after the man collapsed in a pool of blood, the deranged husband turned to his wife and attacked her before fleeing.

The woman, in her 30s, suffered multiple injuries on her neck, hands and back during the 4am incident yesterday. She has been warded at a hospital.

Sources say the wife invited the Chinese man to their house as she was afraid of her husband's beatings

The drama unfolded when the husband found out that his wife had invited a man to their house. He rushed back to confront the man. An argument ensued just before the attacks.

Sources said the woman had invited the victim to her home because she was fearful of being abused by her husband. It is learnt the husband, a taxi driver, was a habitual gambler and would beat her occasionally.

The couple has two young children

The couple have two children, aged two and six. It is not known if the children were in the house during the incident. Both the children are currently with relatives.

Pahang Deputy CID chief says the husband and wife already had problems before the incident

“Initial investigations showed the woman was having some problems with her husband prior to the incident,” he said, adding that police would interview the woman after she had recovered.

He said a Chinese national was found dead inside the house with multiple slash wounds, while the woman, who is a local and has a Singaporean permanent resident document, was sent to a nearby hospital for serious injuries.

Police are tracking the suspect who will be investigated for murder

Pahang Deputy CID chief Supt Rosli Hassan said police were alerted to the incident at about 7.30am. “The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

A manhunt has been launched for the suspect, also in his 30s, who has gone into hiding.

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