Johor School Uses Fingerprint Scanners For Teachers & Parents To Monitor Kids' Attendance

Information collected by the fingerprint scanners is linked to a mobile application.

Cover image via Ajar Malaysia & Satu Johor

A school in Johor is doing the most to discourage students from skipping classes - by implementing compulsory fingerprint scanning to keep track of their attendance

Image via Ajar Malaysia

After testing out the biometric system in October 2018, SMK Bandar Tenggara officially implemented it this month, becoming the first school in Johor to do so.

SMK Bandar Tenggara principal Noraini Mohd Noor said that, "This system was introduced for us to achieve the attendance KPI of 95%," Ajar Malaysia reported.

Image via Ajar Malaysia

Not only are teachers notified of students' attendance after they scan their fingers, but parents are also able to monitor their whereabouts and punctuality through an app

Image via Satu Johor

The information collected by the fingerprint scanners is linked to the PEPATIH MySekolah application, which can be used by parents for RM15 per family after downloading it for free on App Store or Google Play.

"From the app, I can see what time my child arrives at school," commented one parent.

In addition to attendance during school hours, the app also displays students' attendance for co-curricular activities as well as their examination results

Image via Satu Johor

The punctuality and attendance of teachers and staff members of the school are also tracked through the fingerprint scanners, according to Satu Johor.

In 2017, a school in PJ also introduced compulsory fingerprint scanning to ensure punctuality among students:

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