The Sultan Of Johor Just Bought A New Toy...


Cover image via TMI

Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, known for his great passion for high-performance cars and motorcycles, now has another "toy" in his "automotive-arsenal". A Boeing 737-800 jet!

According to The Malaysian Insider, the Boeing emblazoned with the Johor royal crest and livery was spotted in Washington D.C

Plane spotters in the United States recently snapped pictures of the Boeing Business Jet 2 which is capable of 10 hours’ non-stop flight.

The gold jet with the Johor royal crest is said to have a fully customised interior built to the specifications of Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, who has a pilot’s licence and is a noted enthusiast of cars and planes.

Sources told The Malaysian Insider that the jet is expected to arrive in Johor Baru in the next few weeks from Washington.

Images of the BBJ2 as provided by Boeing on its official website.

Image via MD

Last year, the Sultan bought the RM1.4 million Mack Super-Liner. PHOTOS:

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