Johor Woman Wins A RM12 Million Lottery Prize From A RM2 Bet

"It must be the Chinese New Year's good luck that made me the winner," she joked.

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A lucky woman in Johor woke up one morning to discover that she is now a millionaire, thanks to a bet she placed on 20 February

Image via The Rakyat Post

The woman won a whopping RM12.3 million from the Toto 4D Jackpot game, which costs RM2 to bet two sets of 4D numbers. 

"It's still unbelievable that I actually won the jackpot with only RM2," she said.

The woman told reporters that while she does not place bets regularly, she relies on specific numbers when she does

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"I only buy numbers when I feel good, so I do not buy for every draw. This pair of winning numbers — 1559 and 7886 — are my special numbers which I would buy regularly." she said while collecting her winnings at Sports Toto's head office in Kuala Lumpur.

"It must be the Chinese New Year's good luck that made me the winner," she joked.

When asked what she plans to do with her winnings, the 52-year-old revealed that she will be sharing them with her children

The woman, who plans to keep her job as a clerk, will also be investing in property, Mothership reported.

Meanwhile, another Malaysian man won a lottery prize of RM1.07 million from the same jackpot with a bet of RM48

The 40-year-old manager relied on the numbers are 7886 and 8875 as they were part of his girlfriend's phone number.

"The numbers are meaningful to me and my girlfriend and that’s the reason I always bet on these numbers," he said.

The man plans to use the winnings to pay off his debt, theSundaily reported.

Here are some other seriously lucky people who have also hit the jackpot:

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