Johorean Man Tracks Down His 'Cloned' Car In Selangor After Receiving Mysterious Summonses

The vehicle, which has an identical number plate and road tax expiry date, was found in Bangi, Selangor.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

A man from Johor managed to track down a 'cloned' vehicle of his Mazda 6 in Bangi, Selangor after receiving multiple traffic summonses of offences he did not remember committing

The man, who only wishes to be known as Jo and is in his 40s, said the 'cloned' vehicle has the same number plate and road tax expiry date as his Mazda 6, which he bought four years ago in Johor.

According to Harian Metro, he managed to find the vehicle thanks to his nephew because the latter spotted Jo's alleged vehicle at Bangi two weeks ago.

"My nephew, who lives in Bangi, informed me that he came across my car there and thought it was me. He asked why I did not stop by at his house at that time," Jo related.

"I was confused for a moment because at that time I was in Kuantan with my wife to sort out arrangements for my child's education."

"Based on the information given by my nephew as well as the picture of the car, I made the first police report in Johor Bahru for further action," he said.

Jo clarified that he did not deliberately drive to Bangi from Johor just to track down the car

He said he stopped by at his nephew's house in Bangi last Sunday 13 September, because he had other business to attend to.

"My nephew then took me to the location to see the car. We found it in a parking area and contacted the police," Jo told the daily.

"I also asked the residents around the area about the car, but they claimed that they did not know the owner."

Following that, he lodged a second police report at Bandar Baru Bangi.

Jo added that he had received summonses in the past for traffic offences he was unsure that he committed.

Despite that, he said that he had paid all the summonses because he needed to renew his road tax last May.

At the time of writing, photos of Jo's vehicle and the 'clone' parking side by side are widely circulating on social media, with thousands of netizens cracking jokes about the strange 'glitch in the matrix'.

The initial investigation by the Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM) revealed that the vehicle is not 'cloned', but a stolen car from Pahang

Kajang District Police Chief Asst Comm Mohd Zaid Hassan confirmed receiving a report on the matter, reported The Star.

"When our officers arrived at the scene, they found a locked red Mazda parked in a public parking spot," he said, adding that the vehicle was using a fake licence plate.

"Further investigation revealed the vehicle had been reported missing in Beserah, Pahang."

According to Sinar Harian, the district police chief said that the police have yet to find any individual who is connected to the stolen car.

Mohd Zaid said the car will be sent to Kuantan to facilitate investigations into the theft case there.

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