[UPDATE] Missing 12-Year-Old Found Hiding At Home As She Was Getting Bullied In School

She was found hiding under her bed 13 hours after her parents thought she went missing.

Cover image via King Chua (Facebook)

12-year-old Chen Xiyan from Ampang who was reported missing by her family earlier today, 15 September, has been found safe at home

Oriental Daily reported that the Standard Six student was found hiding under her bed at home in Bukit Permai by her parents at 8.30pm, roughly 13 hours after they reported her missing on social media.

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) councillor Chua Yew Choong said she was hiding while they searched the whole day for her

She was found with the house spare keys, a handphone, a game console, and RM80 in change.

According to Sin Chew Daily, due to the nature of her disappearance, Chen's mother did not rule out the possibility that her eldest daughter ran away from home because she was hesitant to go to school recently.

Image via Oriental Daily

It was revealed that Chen was afraid to leave the house because she has been getting bullied at school

Chen's parents said that their daughter had previously told them she was getting bullied at school, but due to her quiet personality, she hardly shared more about it.

As far as they knew, she had been getting drenched with water while using the school bathroom three or four times recently.

As she was splashed from the outside of the bathroom cubicle, she has never seen her bullies and had to continue going to class in her wet uniform.

"My daughter was bullied at school but didn't tell her teachers. When I told the school staff, a teacher wanted her to become the 'bait' to catch the bully, so my daughter was even more afraid to go to school," Chen's father told reporters after she was found in the family home.

He added that Chen had also been bullied and hit by students younger than her and once when she fought back, the school regarded it as a fight and intervened.

Chen was reported missing this morning just before going to school:

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