22-Year-Old Is Arrested After Neighbours Found His Dogs Kept In Small Cages Without Water

"The cage for the Golden Retrievers is too small - when one sits, the other has to stand, no space to lie flat."

Cover image via Sharina Ali (Facebook) & New Straits Times

A 22-year-old man in Johor Bahru has been arrested over suspected animal abuse after his neighbours claimed that his dogs have been living in pitiful conditions

As concerned residents of a gated community in East Ledang, Iskandar Puteri, four women first confronted the man to improve on the living condition of his three dogs.

"Three young puppies caged 24 hours without access to food and water, something I thought I would never see or have to deal with living in an upscale gated estate," claimed Sharina Ali, one of the four women who organised the effort, on her now-viral Facebook post recounting the incident.

"A husky and two Golden Retrievers cramped in a cage together. The cage for the Golden Retrievers is too small - when one sits, the other has to stand, no space to lie flat," she described.

The four women lodged a police report on Saturday, 12 September, and approached the owner accompanied by a policeman.

However, they were met with hostility and aggression.

After hearing their plea about the dogs, the man started to spew vulgarities and racial slurs at them and also pulled down his shorts to flash his buttocks at them.

Sharina said that he also drove recklessly and threatened to run over them.

"Uncouth, uncultured, and an utterly despicable character I had ever come across. He shouted out loud that he has 10 businesses and he has no time for the dogs but they are his problem and this is his Malaysia," she said.

He then claimed that he had protection of a 'Datuk', who he proceeded to call and complain about being disturbed by his neighbours.

Sharina also said that the front of the house was a mess with used syringes on the lawn and rubbish scattered everywhere.

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The women left without his cooperation and lodged a second report against him for threatening to hurt them

"I need help to mount pressure on this matter so the authorities will take possession of these puppies. They are not safe with these people," Sharina wrote.

"These puppies however deserves better. They have no access to food or water," she claimed.

In a later update on Monday, 14 September, Sharina said the Johor Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) came by to check on the dogs but were not met at the door, nor were the dogs anywhere to be seen.

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However, police have since found the man and arrested him for criminal intimidation on Tuesday, 15 September

Iskandar Puteri police chief ACP Dzulkhairi Mukhtar confirmed with The Star that an investigation is currently ongoing.

He added that the three dogs have been referred to the DVS for necessary action.

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