JPJ Rubbishes Claims That It Forced Lorry Drivers To Strip For Not Paying Bribes

Posts on social media had alleged that JPJ personnel were asking for bribes.

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On Saturday, the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) issued a statement while rubbishing the claims that its personnel forced lorry drivers to strip down to their underwear for not paying bribes

According to recent posts on social media, photos showing several lorry drivers in their underwear being questioned by JPJ personnel had alleged that the lorry drivers were told to strip for failing to offer the bribes to the officers.

Over the past few days, the posts had gone viral on social media, sparking anger.

However, in its statement, the Road Transport Department said that the photos are actually from an incident that had taken place back in May 2015.

The incident involved four personnel of the RTD enforcement station at Mentara in Gua Musang, Kelantan who were patrolling in Jalan Aring enroute to Tasik Kenyir.

One of the posts on Facebook that made the alleged claims.

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JPJ said that during an inspection at about 2.30pm, its personnel noticed three semi-trailer lorries parked by the road shoulder, obstructing the traffic. There was, however, no sign of the drivers.

In its statement, JPJ added that the drivers were taking a bath at a nearby hill.

When the drivers saw the JPJ personnel, they rushed down in their underwear.

"The drivers sat behind the RTD vehicle as they were ashamed of not wearing clothes and apologised to the RTD personnel," the statement said, adding that the JPJ personnel then instructed them to move the vehicles to a more appropriate area and advised them not to repeat the offence.

Image via Facebook

One of the drivers from the photo has also lodged a police report

In his report, the driver has denied the allegation that he or the other lorry drivers were made to parade in their underwear by JPJ personnel for not paying bribes.

JPJ has reminded the public to verify any news and information that they receive with the relevant authorities before sharing them

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