A Father Of 4 Who Raped And Sodomised A 14-Year-Old Has Been Sentenced To 28 Years In Jail

He was also sentenced to 18 strokes of the rotan.

Cover image via Muhd ​​Asyraf Sawal/NST Online

A 34-year-old father of four, who is a part-time worker at an ecotourism centre in Raub, Pahang, has been sentenced to 28 years in jail after pleading guilty to raping and sodomising a teenager

The accused, Ahmad Faizal Ab Razab, was charged with raping a 14-year-old girl twice when she was vacationing with her family at Lata Lembik Eco Park in Raub.

He was also charged with sodomising the victim at the same location.

The incident happened between 8-10 December 2017, when the victim was on a five-day family vacation at the ecotourism centre

The victim, who is from Cyberjaya, however, did not talk about the trauma she had suffered when it happened. She only told her parents about it a month later after they asked her about her changed demeanour, according to Bernama.

Her parents then lodged a police report and Faizal was arrested on 27 January.

The accused, after he pleaded guilty to the three charges that were read out to him at the Sessions Court by Judge Datin M Kunasundary, was also sentenced to 18 strokes of the rotan

Faizal was unrepresented in the Sessions Court, where the Judge ordered his jail sentence to begin from the day he was arrested, 27 January 2018.

The accused, Faizal, being covered by his family member at the Sessions Court.

Image via Muhd ​​Asyraf Sawal/NST Online

During the hearing, the 34-year-old accused appealed for leniency saying that he has a wife and four children to support, besides a younger sibling who is studying at a public university

"I regret my action and promise not to do it again.

"If ever I am caught again for the same offence, I am prepared to receive the maximum sentence without pleading," he said according to a report in Bernama.

However, Judge M. Kunasundary was unrelenting in her sentencing.

She said that the court placed the rights of the victim and interest of the public above the accused's rights even though he was a first offender.

"If the accused had thought about his wife and children, surely he would have been mindful and not allow his sexual urges to control him."

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