Kedah Teen Transforms Shoeboxes Into Incredible Replicas Of Trailers, Tractors, And Bikes

He has been building replicas since he was four.

Cover image via NSTP

Meet Muhammad Adam Shakirin Mohd Fuad

A Form One student of Sekolah Menengah Maahad Tahfiz Al-Abidin in Pendang, Kedah, the 13-year-old boy has been transforming shoeboxes into incredible replicas of heavy machinery like harvesters, trailers, tractors, and motorbikes among others.

Muhammad Adam holding up a replica of a rice harvester he made using shoeboxes.

Image via NSTP

Muhammad Adam, whose interest in replicas piqued after he saw a paddy machine a few years back, uses stiff paper and shoeboxes

"The first time I saw a paddy machine in the field, I fell in love with it and from there came the interest to build a replica, so I went home and looked for shoeboxes before building it without anyone's help," the 13-year-old told Bernama yesterday, 20 August.

He explained that before he starts working on a replica, he carefully studies the design of the machine, spending more time on smaller and difficult parts.

"Sometimes I ask my mom and dad to find a clearer picture on a website," he added.

Muhammad Adam revealed that he aspires to be an engineer

He claimed that he never learned how to size or build the replicas he has built so far, instead relying on his imagination and uses his creativity.

While the shoebox is a key component due to the fact that it’s easy to cut, give shape and easy to attach using adhesive, he also uses waste materials such as skewers, ice cream sticks, buttons, wires, and plastic to add details to his structures.

Muhammad Adam said that it only takes him a day to prepare a replica of a motorcycle and three days to produce a replica of heavy machinery like paddy machine.

Muhammad Adam (second from left) posing with his other creations alongside his family at their home.

Image via NSTP

According to Muhammad Adam's mother, Norin Puteh, her son's interest in building replicas went back to when he was just four-years-old and would often ask to be bought heavy equipment toys

When he created a replica of my paddy machine, my husband couldn't believe that it was Adam's own creation, especially at that age.
Norin Puteh.

According to the proud mother, during last year's National Day, Muhammad Adam took the replicas to decorate his classroom.

However, his class teacher did not believe that the replicas were made by Muhammad Adam, until the end of the school year when the teacher asked him to bring the materials to build a replica at the school and he built it in front of them, she said.

It was only then that the teacher acknowledged that Adam was talented.

So far, he has built some 30 replicas of various types of vehicles

The boy wonder has also built a replica of a motorcycle workshop where models such as Yamaha RX-Z, Honda C70 and Yamaha 150 or ‘Y-Suku’ adorns his set.

Image via NSTP

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