Perodua Kenari Squeezes Through RFID Boom Gate To Avoid Paying Toll Along KESAS

The incident was caught on the dashcam of the car behind the Kenari.

Cover image via Francis Yirdaki CT (Facebook)

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A Perodua Kenari managed to squeeze its way between two boom gates at an RFID lane along the KESAS highway

Francis Yirdaki CT shared a recent video his sister captured on her dashcam while driving through a toll booth.

In the footage taken on 20 April, the car in front of her, a red Kenari, could be seen attempting to drive through an RFID lane, but the boom gate did not lift.

Thinking that the RFID system could not detect the car, Francis' sister reversed her vehicle to allow the Kenari to do the same.

However, after the Kenari reversed, it positioned itself to drive through the gap between the boom gates in order to avoid paying the toll

Francis joked that because of the driver's good judgment of space, they managed to save RM2 to afford one teh tarik.

The video has since gone viral, with many commenting on how the music playing from the car even matched the incident

Image via Facebook

Others cheekily chimed in that it's time to consider getting a Kenari.

Image via Facebook

Watch the full clip below:

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