Mercedes-Benz Goes Viral For Skipping Toll By Tailgating Car In Klang Valley

The rear dash cam recorded the Mercedes-Benz almost colliding with the vehicle in front of it while trying to avoid paying the toll.

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A rear dash cam video showing a Mercedes-Benz skipping a toll by tailgating the car ahead of it has gone viral recently

Image via Facebook

In the seven-second long video, the luxury sedan bearing a Wilayah Persekutuan number plate was seen charging into the toll booth once the front car had paid the toll with Touch 'N Go.

The Mercedes-Benz then dangerously sped up and tailgated the car ahead as the latter was driving through the boom gate

Both cars were only inches away from a collision.

Image via Facebook

Based on the timestamp found on the footage, the incident is believed to have happened at 11.39am on Friday, 4 October. New Straits Times reported that it happened on a Klang Valley highway.

The Mercedes-Benz driver has sparked ridicule from netizens for being stingy over a small toll fee

"Pakai (drive) Benz, no money to pay toll ar?" a netizen asked sarcastically.

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While another netizen said in jest that the Mercedes-Benz driver was just trying to recover the money they spent on the tax.

"Not cheapskate la. He pandai (is smart) also. After paying so much tax, he needs to somehow claim here and there la," they wrote.

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"Police must summon this Mercedes - a summon that can pay one year of toll fees so that he will wake up," another netizen urged.

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One netizen, however, felt the Mercedes-Benz did not do anything wrong as he cheekily said that the abolition of toll is what Pakatan Harapan promised.

"This is the PH government promise what, so what's wrong?" the Facebook user commented.

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You can watch the video below:

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