Maid Alleges That She Is Locked Up, Starved, And Splashed With Water At 5AM

She said that she is given only one meal a day.

Cover image via Chun Ming/Facebook

A video of a maid in Singapore tearfully explaining how her employer has been mistreating her recently went viral

On Friday, 4 October, Facebook user Chun Ming uploaded the video, which has since received over 5,000 shares.

It was recorded by a woman at a Housing and Development Board (HDB) lift lobby in Singapore, The Independent Singapore reported.

The maid revealed that she is fed only one meal a day, and is scolded if she asks for more

In between sobs, the helper, whose name is Castina, also said that her employer does not allow her to phone her family in Indonesia and locks her in the house on Sundays so that she cannot escape.

She is also splashed with water if she does not wake up at 5am.

"If someone falls ill, my pay will be cut … they say I carry bacteria," she added.

The woman filming Castina assured her to be patient and that she would contact Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

On 6 October, MOM revealed that it is investigating the matter

In the meantime, Castina was removed from the employer's house and is staying at the Indonesian embassy.

In the Ministry's Facebook post, employers were reminded that they are responsible for giving three meals a day to their helpers.

Any issues regarding foreign domestic workers must be reported to its helpline.

You can watch the video below:

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