Kidnapped And Dumped In A Bush: How A 17-Month-Old Girl Was Found Within 12 Hours

The incident happened in Muar.

Cover image via Berita Harian (Edited)

In an incident that happened earlier in the morning, 7 June, a 17-month-old toddler was taken by an individual who broke into the victim's mother's house in Kampung Parit Lanjut, Sungai Terap

According to a report in NST Online, the mother found Nur Aisyah Hasmizan missing at about 5am when she woke up for the pre-dawn 'sahur' meal.

"Before the incident, I was with Nur Aisyah in the room. I was watching television and I remember switching off the television about 3am before going to bed with her.

"About 5am, my mother woke up for sahur and noticed the back door was open but she did not suspect anything. At the time, I did not realise Nur Aisyah was not in her bed because I was preparing food for my eldest child.

"I only realised she was missing when I went back to the room," the mother, Siti Noorfadilah, was quoted as saying by NST Online at her house near Muar.

Image via Berita Harian

The family, after searching for Aisyah in and around the house for 30 minutes, lodged a police report at Bukit Pasir Police Station

The mother, while distraught, also posted photos of her little girl on social media to seek help from the people in locating her daughter.

"Please return my daughter, I love her. I don't know of anybody who is angry with me. Nur Aisyah is a good girl and I am worried whether she has eaten or not," she wrote.

Image via Berita Harian

Within an hour, several policemen started conducting checks at the perimeter of the house and the K-9 unit was also engaged in search

No one wasted a single moment in search of little Aisyah.

Family and friends gathered at the house to give their support to the distraught parents.

However, no one knew the motive behind the kidnapping by an unidentified individual, as no ransom call or demand had been made yet.

The police search resulted in success when a team rescued Aisyah from a bush near an electrical substation in the Muar area

Regional Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Zaharudin Rasip confirmed that the little girl has been found safe, adding that the police will share details of the search later.

In photos published by Berita Harian, the little girl, while safe in her mother's arm, had insect bites all over her face and body

Image via Berita Harian
Image via Berita Harian

Aisyah is said to be in stable condition

She is currently being kept under observation in Muar Specialist Hospital Sultanah Fatimah (HPSF) in order to find out more about her condition.

Image via Utusan

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