Kindergarten In China Faces Backlash For Allegedly Forcing A 6-Year-Old To Wash Dishes

The girl was also expelled after her father exposed the kindergarten on social media.

Cover image via South China Morning Post & Freepik

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A kindergarten in China is under scrutiny for allegedly forcing a six-year-old to wash the dishes of her entire class

The issue came to light after the kindergartener's father, Yu, uploaded a video alleging that his daughter was instructed to wash the dishes of her 25 classmates for three consecutive weeks, as reported by South China Morning Post.

In his post on social media, Yu also said that his daughter would often "come home drenched in sweat" and constantly complain of feeling exhausted.

After being forced to do "hard labour" for weeks, Yu said that his daughter adamantly refused to attend kindergarten, claiming she was "too tired from washing dishes".

She also lamented the fact that she had to wash the dishes while her friends were playing, he added.

CCTV footage showing the girl carrying a dish tub.

Image via South China Morning Post

Following his allegations, Yu said that his daughter was expelled from the kindergarten without prior notice

"After I exposed the incident, the kindergarten started to take revenge on my kid," he claimed.

Yu also stated that the teachers did not provide any explanation for his daughter's expulsion.

Meanwhile, the kindergarten said it will take legal action against the girl's father for "spreading false information and tarnishing the institution's reputation"

The kindergarten's legal advisor said it has never participated in illegal or inappropriate conduct concerning their students.

"It is possible that children are asked to assist with carrying trays and tableware, but not only his child," South China Morning Post quoted the legal advisor as saying.

The advisor also said the kindergarten has the right to expel a student in cases where they fail to adhere to the institution's rules and regulations.

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