Woman Gets Revenge By Losing 40KG And Divorcing Husband Who Fat-Shamed Her

She gave up on rice, exercised, and ate five to six small portions of food every day.

Cover image via 최고의 성형은 다이어트/Facebook & Instagram @love__lean

Park Jee Won is a single mother in South Korea, who recently went viral for her phenomenal weight loss journey

In 2014, she gave birth to a baby girl. However, her life turned upside down as her husband would often insult her for gaining weight during the pregnancy.

Battling postpartum depression, Park, who was a fitness and yoga instructor, decided to get back in shape and divorce her husband.

She has kept a healthier lifestyle since then, while single-handedly raising her daughter.

Attributing it to the hormones, Park ate a lot during the pregnancy and weighed 86.6kg by the end of it

She also suffered from a spinal disc problem during the pregnancy which was so painful that she could not exercise, she shared on Facebook.

After giving birth to her daughter, she then suffered from postpartum depression which made her unhealthy eating habits spiral out of control, according to China Press.

To make matters worse, Park's husband was unsupportive and began to criticise her about the weight gain

As an attempt to regain her husband's affection, Park decided to slowly and steadily begin exercising again while adhering to a strict diet to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy.

According to Koreaboo, she gave up on rice, exercised, and ate five to six small portions of food every day.

After 10 months, she lost a whopping 40kg, bringing her total weight down to 46kg

She emphasised that she has never been to a plastic surgeon and that she lost all her weight through exercise and dieting.

However, her husband remained equally critical even after the transformation

"You scare me, looking at you gives me goosebumps," he reportedly told her once.

Feeling disheartened, Park finally decided to divorce him and raise their daughter alone.

Since then, it seems that Park and her daughter have never been happier

She now runs her own YouTube and Instagram account, where she has been sharing weight loss tips, recipes, and photos of herself and her daughter.

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