Kulai MP Apologises For Wearing Her Songkok Backwards In Parliament

She was wearing the songkok during the opening ceremony of the 14th Parliament.

Cover image via China Press (edited)

Kulai Member of Parliament (MP) Teo Nie Ching has taken to Facebook to apologise for wearing the songkok backwards during the opening ceremony of the 14th Parliament on 17 July

Teo (left) with Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeoh in the Parliament.

Image via China Press

"I apologise for wearing it (the songkok) backwards," she wrote.

She claimed that she did not realise it was worn backwards as she had taken it off earlier and put it back on. 

Teo had been criticised by netizens in the past few days for her blunder

One netizen criticised Teo for embarrassing the country with her mistake, and hoped that disciplinary action will be taken against her.

Image via Facebook

"A new fashion for Pakatan Harapan's MPs to wear their songkok backwards," another netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

One netizen also related Teo's mistake to her Chinese school education.

Image via Facebook

Following her apology, some netizens have voiced their support for Teo

Netizens praised Teo for being brave enough to own up to her mistake, and brushed it off as a "small issue". 

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Another netizen also advised Teo on marking her songkok to avoid similar blunders in the future.

Image via Facebook

Teo has promised to not repeat the same mistake again.

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