Lamborghini Driver Buys Woman A Perodua Myvi After Crashing Into Her Car

The accident took place in Section 17, Petaling Jaya on Wednesday, 8 April.

Cover image via Azman Nor/Facebook

A Lamborghini Huracan driver bought a woman a Perodua Myvi after crashing into her vehicle in an accident on Wednesday, 8 April

A dashcam video capturing how the accident took place was widely circulated on Facebook.

In the 15-second-long video, a Perodua Viva is seen taking a right turn at a junction but the Huracan could not stop in time, resulting in the Viva being hit by the supercar from the back.

Post-accident photos show that the golden-wrapped Huracan sustained minimal damages at the front, while the Viva's entire back is crushed to the extent that the backseat is exposed.

It is learned that the Viva driver was delivering food at the time and that the accident hampered her ability to continue running her business

Speaking to SAYS, Thomas Heng, a person close to the matter, revealed that the Viva driver - identified as Celine Tan - has a side business of selling and delivering homecooked food.

"The accident took place at Section 17, PJ at around 2.30pm on Wednesday," Heng related.

Heng said the Lamborghini Huracan is his company's show car and it was his partner who was driving the supercar during the accident.

He and his partner own Wrapz63 in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, a car workshop that offers aesthetic and protection enhancements.

After learning Tan's plight, Heng and his partner decided to buy her a Perodua Myvi to replace her totalled vehicle

"Actually, we found out that the lady's car sum insured is low. If she claims for total loss, she might only get a few thousand ringgit," Heng told SAYS.

"If insurance repair or claim total loss also takes a few months, so we immediately bought a Myvi for her, whereby the manufacturer year is newer than her Viva."

"We plan to give her the car on Monday, 13 April."

Heng said the Myvi is currently in his workshop, waiting to get a design that can help promote Tan's business. 

He related that Tan also runs an online business that sells clothes. When handing over the Myvi to Tan on Monday, the hatchback will have her business logo plastered on the car doors.

Meanwhile, Heng told Tan to proceed with the insurance claim and is not asking for the money back

"The insurance claim will still proceed, we told the lady to keep the money after getting the sum," Heng related.

"We followed the proper procedure. Both went to the police station and we were given a summons. Both proceed to file for insurance claims."

We are not using money to cover things... We are just trying our best to minimise the damage caused to the victim's life.

In a Facebook post, Tan expressed her gratitude towards Heng and his partner for their quick response to help

Tan told netizens not to speculate without knowing the truth and assured that the Huracan driver is a good person.

"Thank you, the car owner of the other party. Thank you for compensating me with a money-making tool," Tan wrote.

"The (Myvi) will have gorgeous designs and will be beautifully handed over to me. Their response is really attentive. Furthermore, I can get it in a short time." 

Watch the video of the accident here:

Lamborghini crash Viva video is here

Lamborghini crash Viva video is here Join us : Sky Eye Malaysia group

Posted by Sky Eye Malaysia on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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