Netizens Are Tickled That Lazada Sent A Giant Birthday Cake To Their Rival Shopee

Shopee responded by giving away a promo code on their own platform!

Cover image via Shopee (Instagram)

In celebration of their 9th birthday, Lazada sent out birthday cakes across Malaysia

Lazada's Super Party will kick off at 9pm today, 26 March, with a virtual concert headlined by Katy Perry, as well as Korea's NCT Dream and homegrown artists.

In the lead up to the main event, the popular online shopping platform posted images of their special deliveries to offices around Malaysia.

On their official Instagram, Lazada posted that they "hope to share joy and love with our friends and neighbours." They added that food represents the language of love, and cake is the greatest love of all.

Brands who got to join in the celebrations include Touch 'n Go, Boost, and realme among others

But netizens were particularly tickled that the e-commerce giant shared their cake with rival shopping platform, Shopee!

Lazada's photo of the impressive five-tiered birthday cake dropped off at Shopee's front desk had netizens giggling.

"Happy birthday SHOPEEE! Eh sorry I mean Lazada!" said one cheeky commenter. Followed by Lazada's reply that they will keep the birthday wish "eternally in [their] heart."

Image via Instagram

Others questioned why Shopee received a bigger, multitiered cake, compared to the small single tiered cakes that other recipients got.

"Happy Birthday... but why the cake for Shopee so much bigger and more grand than Touch & Go and the rest?" asked a netizen with multiple rolling laughter emojis.

"Why did Shopee receive a multitiered cake but everyone else only received a small one? You love Shopee the most, eh?" another netizen remarked in playful jest.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Lazada replied that they wish to celebrate their birthday equally with everyone. Hehe.

Shopee responded by posting a gratitude post with birthday wishes to their friendly rival on Facebook

Their comment reads, "Happy birthday Lazada!!!

"Your cake was crazy delicious. Thank you so much!

"So, in conjunction with your 9th birthday celebration, here's an exclusive RM9 voucher for everyone HAPPY9BDAY273 for our 4.4 Mega Shopping Day!

"We celebrate together. Have a good celebration!

"Lotsa love, Shopee!"

Not to be outdone on their special day, Lazada decided to add the same promo code to their platform too! Lol.

Image via

Replying to Shopee, Lazada wrote, "Thank you for the birthday wish guys, we're all so happy you like the cake! Jom, let's make it extra special for everyone, we're extending the password voucher code <HAPPY9BDAY273> on Lazada too, so EVERYONE can enjoy more on our birthday!"

So, there you have it. We stan a friendly rivalry that ends in us getting promo codes on two shopping platforms!

Happy 9th Birthday Lazada!

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