Running Out Of Date Ideas? This Hotel Offers Private Dining Experience With Skyline View

COVID-19 can't cancel romance.

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Want to bring your date for a fancy dinner, but COVID-19 is stopping you?

DinnerDate — an experimental dining experience at Element by Westin Kuala Lumpur — could be your best bet.

DinnerDate is a private dining experience, where you will be relishing a meal with your partner while overlooking the KL skyline

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I don't know about you, but from October 2020 until now, I have only been out to meet friends three times! My family members have a history of cardiovascular complications. We can never be too careful.

Hence, when Moment Scientist and Element by Westin invited us to try their new dining experience where we would be seated in a room dedicated to us — with no other customers around — I jumped at the opportunity and said yes.

The moment we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by a receptionist who kindly asked us to follow the COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs)

We were even asked to fill up a travel and close contact declaration form. That was very reassuring.

The receptionist then directed us to a bar near the lobby, where we enjoyed complimentary drinks while we waited for our room to be ready.

Every day, each room will only serve two groups of customers, with the first session starting from 6pm to 7.30pm and the second session starting from 8pm to 9.30pm.

There are three rooms for you to choose from, namely Colourful Dreams, a whimsical themed studio with hues of rainbow; Tropical Summer, a refreshing green foliage escape; and Mediterranean Memories, a trip to the coastal shores of Santorini.

We got Tropical Summer. And yes, we dressed for the theme.

Once we entered the room, we scanned our MySejahtera for the second time and sanitised our hands.

We absolutely loved the setup! The wonderful thing about private dining is that it makes you appreciate the environment even more because no one is sharing the space with you. Everything feels more unique.

There was plenty of greenery props 'planted' in the room. My date and I could walk around the room however we liked and not look like clowns because no one was watching us.

It was also extra fun for us because we could speak freely without feeling afraid that someone across the table could hear us. This brings us to the next activity after we were done exploring the room and taking a peek at the skyline.

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There was a deck of 'break the ice' cards. But instead of usual 'never have I ever' questions, the deck only had intimate and sexual questions.

"How often do you play with yourself and what do you think about or watch?" was the first question I asked my date.

It was fun! We were glad we got to know about each other without being afraid that someone might eavesdrop from across the room.

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Before we could have more fun, our appetiser arrived

I am a big fan of appetisers. My date was served 'Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pinwheels', while I was served a vegetarian version of the dish with the protein switched to fried brie cheese.

Moment Scientist and Element by Westin prepared a vegetarian course meal for me on short notice, and the taste exceeded my expectation. They told me that they will be making greater improvements on the vegetarian/vegan menu for future customers, so you don't have to worry if you or your date are non-meat eaters.

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My date loved the appetiser, which she said and I quote, "I wish there was more!" We are both appetiser fans. But we had to leave some space for the main course, which was 'Thyme Chicken Roulade' for her.

Again, she loved it, saying that even though it was chicken breasts — which normally lack flavour — the chicken cooked with the sous vide method was able to encapsulate the flavours of various herbs.

She said the creamy teriyaki sauce glazed on top of it was the cherry on the cake that gave a strong umami punch.

"The chicken breast was very tender, that's the most unforgettable bit to me," she related.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

There are other options for the main course too, such as 'Sear Lemon Rosemary Red Mullet' and 'Barbeque-Braised Beef Brisket'.

Before we proceeded to our desserts, we had to go through a special session, called the 'Edible Cinema'

I personally found this activity extremely meaningful. We were told to sit on the bed and watch a 10- to 15-minute long video.

We were given six syringes, each containing a different taste. For example, the red 'Beetroot Spicy' represented anger, the orange 'Honey Carrot' represented humour, the ivory 'Parsnip Lemon' represented sadness, so on and so forth.

We were told to use one of the syringes to draw something on a plate every time a clip finished playing. The clips showed how a couple deals with their marriage. Sometimes they joke around at home, sometimes they show their ugly sides to each other, and most importantly, sometimes they show how much they care for each other.

After we were done watching the video and painting down our emotions with the syringes, we had to exchange the plates to eat each other's feelings. I thought it was very meaningful.

As you can see in the photo, I had too much red — anger — and my date had to swallow up the 'Beetroot Spicy'. It wasn't pleasant for her.

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Before we got too emotional talking about our feelings, our 'Dark & White Chocolate Mousse' desserts were served. We were back to our bubbly conversation as we tried our best to finish the desserts after one hour of constant eating.

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Ticket sales for DinnerDate open yesterday, 25 March, up til 30 June 2021

There are three price ranges: RM399 for the Golden Journey, RM599 for the Platinum Journey, and RM999 for the Diamond Journey.

The Platinum Journey comes with a one-night stay, while the Diamond Journey comes with a one-night stay, cocktails or mocktails during dinner, and a breakfast buffet for two for the next day.

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Element by Westin is a four-star hotel, and is part of the Marriott hotel chain.

Meanwhile, Moment Scientist is the company behind many famous past events, such as M-Junction Drive-In Cinema, Dinner In The Sky, Plane In The City, The Maze Challenge Asia, Le Petit Chef, and Whimsy.

Visit DinnerDate's website for bookings and further enquiries.

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