[PHOTOS] We Went To KL's 1st Drive-In Cinema And We Love That It Has A City Skyline View!

You can see KLCC and KL Tower on both sides.

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Last night, 29 July, we were invited to Kuala Lumpur's first drive-in cinema. And oh boy, let us tell you why it is the best date idea during this pandemic.

Located at the heart of KL on Jalan Ampang, Nescafe M-Junction Drive-In Cinema's surroundings is flanked by KLCC and the KL Tower.

Right off the bat, know that the entire process - from queuing to get into the viewing area, to having being served food, enjoying the movie, and lastly, leaving the al fresco theatre - follows a very strict standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure the risk of contracting COVID-19 is low.

We were given a handout that informed us about the dos and don'ts at the cinema. Our temperatures were checked and our hands were sanitised by employees wearing face masks prior to entering the venue.

If this date isn't the most romantic date ever, we don't know what is - because protecting one's safety is the loveliest thing one can do for the other person. ;)

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Once we parked our car at a designated spot, we were given a sturdy Bluetooth speaker that was connected via an auxiliary cable

The Bluetooth speaker allowed us to hear the audio of the movie.

Unlike other drive-in cinemas, M-Junction strives to reduce carbon footprints during the experience.

Moviegoers are encouraged to turn off their engines while the movie is running. You will be given two battery fans instead that will send out a serious breeze as they have a three-level fan speed. As long as you are not wearing thick clothes, you will be fine.

Meals are served in paper packaging. Even Nescafe - the main sponsor of the cinema - is served with paper straws.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

We were offered a chicken burger and fries that night

M-Junction has a meatless option too. So fellow vegans and vegetarians, rejoice as you munch on your vegetarian drumstick that comes with fries!

Image via SAYS

As of now, there are five food options. Other than the two aforementioned items, moviegoers can also opt for 'Fish Bite With Fries', 'MAGGI Hot Mealz Kari Kari Kaw,' and 'MAGGI Pedas Giler Ayam Bakar'.

Krispy Kreme's food truck was spotted there as well.

M-Junction told SAYS that more food trucks will be at the location in the near future.

Once the food and audio were set, we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the movie

Image via SAYS

We were given front-row 'seats'. Hence, the screen was huge for us although the photo might show otherwise.

Being physically there, I can attest that the photo does not do justice to portray the full experience. Although we were given the VIP Package, I am pretty sure viewing from the second or third row would be fine as well.

Ticket prices start from RM99, while the VIP Package is priced at RM159

Image via SAYS

The VIP Package will get you the first two rows of parking allocation, two meals, and a bag of popcorn. All tickets will follow a first come, first serve basis. Each vehicle can only have a pax of two.

Before you say the price is insane, know that the cinema is located on Jalan Ampang - in the heart of KL where the city skyline is there for you to enjoy for the whole night. It is romantic. It is definitely a good date idea if you are planning for a celebration or anniversary.

Movies that are currently screening include Hollywood big titles, such as Titanic, Legacy Of Lies, 300: Rise Of An Empire, The Greatest Showman, and Braven. M-Junction also supports local films, with Jangan Pandang Belakang and Adnan Sempit currently showing at the outdoor cinema as well.

For more information, visit their website here.

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