Local Artiste Forced To Pay RM5.6K After His Kid Spilled Nail Polish On 8 Items In Levi's

Local singer Tomok was commended for his calm demeanour while handling the situation.

Cover image via @tomokofficial (Instagram)

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Recently, local singer Shah Indrawan, widely known as Tomok, got himself in a bit of a sticky situation when his daughter splattered nail polish on some clothes at a Levi's store in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

The incident resulted in an unexpected RM5,593 purchase for the father.

According to an Instagram post by Tomok, he visited the mall with his family to break their fast, after which, they decided to stop by the branded clothing outlet at around 9.30pm.

Unbeknownst to the parents, their daughter went around the shop causing thousands of ringgits in damages, and by the time they'd noticed, it was too late.

Tomok is seen explaining that he understood the store's rules, now that the items were damaged, he would have to buy them.

However, the artiste couldn't help but to lament over the prices of the items, which included four pairs of jeans that are priced RM1,299 each, two shirts that cost RM499 each, and a top priced at RM899. All of which amounted to a whopping RM 7,093.

Fortunately, Tomok said he was granted a slight discount by an employee but still had to pay the remaining amount.

Image via Instagram

Tomok said that he would be reselling the clothing items as they were not his size, and hoped to receive support from his followers

The next day, the 38-year-old took to his Instagram account once more to sell off the stained clothing at reasonable prices.

Tomok offered each pair of vintage denim jeans at only RM800, and deducted between RM100 to RM200 on each of the shirts.

Image via Instagram

His videos ended up receiving a tremendous amount of support, and the artiste managed to sell all of the clothing items.

Image via Instagram

Many of Tomok's followers flooded the comments section to commend him for his calm demeanour throughout the stressful ordeal

"RM5,000? Yet Tomok still remains calm in solving the problem and is not scolding his child. You're cool, brother. Pre-love (the clothing items), put up a sign, and have a photoshoot. You'll surely get [your money] back," wrote a user. 

Image via Instagram

Several other users showed their support by offering to buy the clothes from the Internet celebrity as it was their size.

"That pants is my size, I want to buy one, brother!" commented a user.

Image via Instagram

One user, however, went as far as to share her ingenious strategy on how Tomok could make his money back.

"If Tomok signed those jeans, and asked a few of his other artiste friends to sign it, it'll suddenly become a limited edition item. This has got me thinking," said the user.

Image via Instagram

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