Dad Makes 3-Year-Old Son Pay RM1,253 For Scratching Neighbour's Luxury Cars

The three-year-old and his friend scratched their neighbour's luxury cars by running plastic toy guns along the paint.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

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We all know small children have a naughty streak, and parents should never take their eyes off them for one second, lest they cause irreparable damage to something expensive

Well, it seems like one little kid and his friend in Shenzheng, China, were left unsupervised for too long and got carried away during their playtime, as they ended up scratching two of their neighbour's luxury vehicles. 

According to Jimu News, the two kids were caught red-handed on closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs), showing them playing around the neighbourhood at night.

The footage showed the two boys running alongside the neighbour's alleged cars, dragging plastic toy guns along the paint and scratching the vehicles in the process.

Luckily, the neighbour caught the troublemakers in the act and went to inform one of the kids' fathers of what his three-year-old son did.

The two young boys seen dragging their toys along the neighbour's car.

Image via South China Morning Post

The father, surnamed Ouyang, decided to teach his son a lesson by making him hand over the compensation money on his own to the neighbour

Ouyang told Jimu News reporters on 22 November, that he made his son personally hand 2,000 yuan (RM1,253) in cash to the neighbour to show him how costly the damage he caused was. The son was also instructed to apologise for his actions.

"Usually children aren't even willing to spend 100 yuan (RM62), so this time I purposefully asked him to take the money and return it to the neighbour. Let him remember this well and teach him a lesson. If he did something wrong, there's always a price to pay," the father told local media.

A photo shared by the father showed the son handing the money over to the neighbour for the damaged cars.

The father also revealed that he might have to fork out more money for the cars to be repainted and waxed of the cars as the neighbour was upset about the situation.

Despite the punishment, Ouyang defended his son by saying that he was too young to realise the severity of his actions.

"I hope he can understand that he should pay for his mistakes," Ouyang said.

The young boy handing the money to the neighbour to pay for the damage he caused.

Image via Jimu News

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