Local Shoe Store Gifts Teen A Gaming Chair After Photos Of His DIY Version Went Viral

The Tomaz Blaze X Pro Gaming chair that was gifted to the teen costs RM499.

Cover image via HaiZat Zul (Facebook) & @nafis_danish08 (Instagram)

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A local retailer has gifted a chair worth RM499 to a teen after photos of him sitting on a do-it-yourself (DIY) gaming chair went viral

The photos were uploaded by netizen Haizat Zul to a local PC gaming group on Facebook.

In the photos, the teen was seen sitting on a cardboard placed over a chair, transforming the regular-looking chair into a 'gaming chair'.

"Kids these days are creative. Tomaz, do you want to sponsor (the teen) one (chair)?" Haizat wrote in the caption of the photos on 15 July.

In less than a week, Haizat posted an update showing the teen sitting on an actual gaming chair made by Tomaz — a local fashion and furniture retailer

"You are the best, Tomaz! Do good and get good returns," Haizat wrote in the update.

In the new photo Haizat uploaded, the teen can be seen sitting on a burgundy Tomaz Blaze X Pro Gaming Chair, which has a price tag of RM499 on its website.

When contacted, Haizat said he and the teen are neighbours, before adding the 13-year-old has a hobby of building things.

He shared with SAYS a video of the teen riding on a DIY motorised bicycle, which is said to be powered by a string grass trimmer engine.

The teen said he was overjoyed when people from Tomaz delivered the gaming chair to his house

"I was just fooling around when I made the chair. I did not have the intention to get a gaming chair in return," 13-year-old Nafis Danish told this SAYS writer over a phone call.

Nafis said he was not a customer of Tomaz before this, but he stumbled across the retailer known for selling shoes and watches on Instagram.

When asked whether he currently plays games on the chair, Nafis said he owns a regular computer that does not meet the minimum requirements to run games.

Thus, he only sits on the chair while watching YouTube or surfing the Internet.

SAYS learnt that the owner of Tomaz visited the teen himself when he and his team delivered the gaming chair to the teen's house.

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